When it comes to glass packaging, your product stands or falls by the quality of the design. Whether it’s an elegant, slender bottle or a quirky jar, you need a creative design team to help turn your vision into reality.

Our award winning team adopts a design agency approach, working closely with customers through the entire new product development process and showing the initial concept as a full visual representation. After all, if you can see a 3D image of what the end product will look like and rotate it 360 degrees on your own computer, you can make important decisions about your product much more easily. We can even show you a render of the product complete with the closure and label, right at the beginning of the project.

Our designers specialise in sculpted embossing. Using the latest software they can ensure that even with the most complex designs the embossing is perfectly defined.

Fully bespoke containers

Mould costs
start from just
Minimum runs
from as little as

Customised standard containers

For a more cost effective solution or smaller production runs, we can enhance your brand by having your company name or logo embossed onto a standard bottle or jar from our extensive general sale range.

Mould costs can
start from as little as
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Production runs
can be as small as