At Beatson Clark we recognise that every single part of the manufacturing process from reception of raw materials, through melting, forming, inspection and packaging, impacts on the quality of the final product. Each and every employee’s contribution is vital to our performance and ensures we can deliver quality glass containers to our customers.

We constantly strive to provide a superior performance in both quality and service and have an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

The company is fully certified to the international Quality Standards ISO9001 and BRC, to maintain and look for ways to improve the quality of product and service we give the customer.

Quality Control


ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard

The ISO9001 standard covers a wide range of aspects of our business from product development and design, through manufacturing, storage and delivery of goods to the customer.

BRCGS Packaging

The above standard was jointly developed by The Brand Reputation through the Compliance Global Standard and The Institute of Packaging. The standard outlines hygiene and quality requirements for packaging manufacturers supplying the food and drinks industries.

Certification to this standard is now a prerequisite for supplying much of the food and beverage industries in the UK. The standard is receiving widespread international recognition.


ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard

Beatson Clark is recognised within the UK glass industry as the leader in occupational health & safety management. The health and safety of our workers is our number one priority and the OHSAS standard supports the development of a management system that helps eliminate or minimise risk to employees.

We have won a series of awards from British Glass to recognise the excellence of the health & safety initiatives and training that has been successfully implemented across our organisation.