Here at Beatson Clark, we like to offer the complete packaging solution. There are a variety of options available for decoration to complete your glass packaging.

Embossing or Debossing

You can enhance your brand by adding your unique design, company name or logo to your bespoke container through customised embossing (or debossing).

For a more cost effective solution or smaller production runs, we can enhance your brand by having your company name or logo embossed onto a standard bottle or jar from our extensive general sale range. Production runs can be as small as 150k units and mould costs can start from as little as £3k.



We can source a range of standard, speciality or bespoke glass packaging closures which can be printed to compliment your branding.

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Spray Coating

Containers can easily be spray coated, completely changing any glass container to a colour of your choice.

Shrink Sleeving

Using a full body sleeve can completely change the look of your container. The sleeve is shrunk to fit the entire bottle/jar and can even cover the closure, providing the maximum printing area for your glass packaging.

Acid Etching

A luxurious frosted effect can be achieved with acid etched glass packaging, ideal for transforming a standard container into a premium package.


Printing can be applied onto the glass surface and with technologies such as thermochromic inks available, the glass container can be as unique as you want to make it.

Pressure sensitive labelling

Pressure Sensitive Labelling (PSL) enables you to achieve the modern, fresh no label look and allow the quality of your product to shine through.

Spray Shring Sleeving