Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles and Jars


Beatson Clark is the UK’s only manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass bottles and jars and holds a large range of shapes and sizes to suit your packaging needs.

You will find most standard ranges of glass bottles and jars for pharmaceutical products within our catalogue, such as Winchesters, Universal Tablets, Alpha Sirops and Sloping Shoulder Flats, with a variety of neck finishes. Most of our pharmaceutical containers can be produced in both white flint and amber glass.

Beatson Clark’s amber glass meets the requirements for light transmission in the US and European Pharmacopoeia and the British Standard BS1679 - Containers for Pharmaceutical Dispensing. Our glass bottles and jars are also covered by US Food and Drug Administration, Drug Master Files.

Our Veral and Alpha Sirop ranges also satisfy the requirements of the relevant ISO 11418 standard.