Special Offers

From time to time we have surplus stock of certain items, which we are offering at discounted prices. This offer is for new or additional business. To benefit from these fantastic offers, please call our sales team on 01709 835 385.

Code Description Pack
1017D00025 500ml Amber MedicalR3/28 D-Pack 25 13125
1306P00080 50ml Amber Powder R3/33 PLM 80 33600
1449D00187 12.5ml Amber Round R3/18 D-Pack 187 0
1449P00174 12.5ml Amber Round R3/18 PLM 174 0
1464P00086 100ml Amber WinchesterR3 24 PLM 86 459756
1465P00086 4oz Amber WinchesterR3 24 PLM 86 152736
7022T01980 10oz Amber Steak Sauce Trays 1980 0

*These stock figures are updated daily, however they are subject to change and pending orders or forecasts for the next 30 days may need to be taken into account. To confirm these stock figures please contact your sales assistant.