New Glass Bottle Shakes Up BOL Foods Packaging

New Glass Bottle Shakes Up BOL Foods Packaging

Published: 30th September 2022

BOL Foods, makers of Power Shakes, have switched to a new bespoke glass bottle supplied by leading manufacturer Beatson Clark.

BOL Foods launched their range of Power Shakes 18 months ago in an incubator site as they proved the concept in market.

After a very successful launch they kicked off a project to find a new manufacturing site in order to scale up production and took the opportunity to design a bespoke bottle.

BOL’s Power Shakes are a world first - a ready-to-go nutritionally complete meal in a bottle packed with 100% plant-based whole foods and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, so BOL needed a bespoke bottle to really show off how special the range is. 

BOL’s mission is simple: they want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy eating more plants.

“We launched the Power Shakes range 18 months ago to test the product on the market with the aim to validate the concept before scaling up,” said Jessica Vara, Brand & Portfolio Leader at BOL Foods.

“The original glass bottle had limitations, but our consumers love the use of glass. Not only does it feel premium, but the product is also perceived to be fresh and high quality.

“It’s important for us to show off the new vibrant colours of our products; not only does this set us apart from our competition, but its what people expect from BOL.

“So we set out to design a new glass bottle with some clear ambitions: we wanted it to be manufactured in the UK for sustainability reasons, to contain recycled glass, and to be a beautiful bespoke bottle design with BOL messaging embossed on it.”

Consumer research influenced the design of the bottle and helped Touch Design and Beatson Clark to come up with a design that ticks all BOL’s boxes.

“The narrower neck has improved the consumer drinking experience and space for a larger label that wraps around the bottle has given us more room for messaging.

“Another reason we have chosen glass it that we see a huge number of BOL consumers re-using our packaging,” said Jessica. “We use the hashtag #dontwastecreate to underscore the fact that we want to create packaging that people will love and re-use.”

As with all Beatson Clark white flint bottles, the new BOL packaging contains over 40% recycled content.

Lynn Sidebottom, Sales & Marketing Director at Beatson Clark, said Beatson Clark is the ideal company for artisan food and drinks brands such as BOL Foods.

“Because we specialise in tailored runs, we can be agile and provide a highly flexible service to our customers,” she said.

“Our in-house design team is more than happy to work with design agencies to make sure we create a bespoke bottle that fulfils all the customer’s criteria.

“In addition, our manufacturing facility has been based in on the same site in South Yorkshire since 1751 and we are proud to still offer the same excellent quality and service you expect from a British manufacturer.”

BOL Power Shakes are available to buy online at and are also on sale in store at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Ocado.