Growing Nut Butter Brand Chooses Jars from Beatson Clark

Growing Nut Butter Brand Chooses Jars from Beatson Clark

Published: 16th May 2023

Successful pandemic start-up Nutri Butter has chosen leading UK glass manufacturer Beatson Clark as its supplier of glass packaging.

Nutri Butter was launched in Shropshire in 2020 in response to a high demand for nut butters created by lockdown and the growing trend for healthy, plant-based eating. 

“We didn’t have any customers to begin with, but we knew there was a big demand for nut butters at that time,” said Fatma Akalin-McGee, Managing Director of Natural Selection Foods. 

“Because of lockdown people had started to exercise more and eat more nut butters for energy. And there has also been a big growth in demand for plant-based protein sources in recent years. 

“We decided to launch our own brand of nut butters and we came up with an innovative nutri butter concept – a range of premium nut butters which have been fortified with additional natural ingredients to support consumer health, wellness and performance. 

“We have grown from strength to strength at the most challenging times and taken nut butters to the next level with our Knotty’s and Nutri Butter brands, offering ground-breaking flavour combinations and innovation to the category.  

“We have also become a supplier to major UK retailers with an own label offering. We were keen to use a UK supplier which could handle larger volumes and so approached Beatson Clark.” 

Fatma explained that using a UK-based supplier makes sense when it comes to sustainability, quality and logistics. “Delivery times are longer and costs are higher if you import glass packaging from overseas,” she said. 

“Our initial decision to go with Beatson Clark was based on volumes and jar sizes, but having worked with them we know that their quality and service levels are very good too. I’d absolutely recommend them. 

“It’s a big success story for us and I hope it helps Beatson Clark as well,” said Fatma. “We’ve got a good relationship with them and we would like to grow our business even more, perhaps moving forward with more jars and different sizes.” 

Stephen Reyes, Business Development Manager at Beatson Clark, said: “This is a fantastic success story of a brand which started in lockdown not knowing what the outcome would be. The growth of the business since then is astounding! 

“It’s also a good example of how Beatson Clark is flexible enough to work with start-ups and small producers and then scale up production as a brand really takes off.”