Apprentice Dana Godfrey is our Rising Star

Apprentice Dana Godfrey is our Rising Star

Published: 2nd December 2022

Everyone at Beatson Clark was delighted when our apprentice Dana Godfrey won the Rising Star prize at the Glass Focus Awards in Liverpool last month. 

Dana has worked at Beatson Clark for three years and studies for her apprenticeship at the AMRC Apprenticeship Centre at the University of Sheffield. 

“I saw Beatson Clark's stall at an open event and thought it was an interesting company compared to all the others,” she said. 

“I love my job, which involves running machines and doing bench work to repair bottle moulds ready to be put into production. I like that there’s a lot of variety in the work and plenty of opportunities available to me.” 

Dana attended the ceremony in Liverpool with some of her colleagues and was shocked when she won the Rising Star award. 

“I was surprised to win the award because there are so many amazing people who put 100% into the work they do,” she said. “I was also proud to be able to win the award for Beatson Clark and show off all the great work they do.”

Mould Shop Manager Daryl Fletcher said Dana is an outstanding apprentice and her success makes him very proud.

“Over my career I’ve trained and guided many apprentices and Dana is right up there with the very best,” he said. “She is a completely dependable and trustworthy employee.

“When you show or explain something to Dana she has an uncanny ability to simply understand what it is you are explaining and 'get it' before you have finished.

“That is unbelievably rare and a real joy to behold. You can then leave Dana with a task and be completely confident that she will follow it through.

“I felt very, very proud when Dana won her award – proud just to be a part of her training and to watch her grow and develop.”

The Glass Focus Awards are an annual event organised by British Glass which brings together and celebrates businesses from across the UK’s glass supply chain.