Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass

Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass

Published: 26th June 2024

Whether it’s beer, cosmetics, medicines or even food items, you will no doubt find amber glass packaging on the shelves, in the pub and in your own cupboards at home.

With 270 years of experience, Beatson Clark has designed and manufactured amber glass packaging with brands such as Covonia, Aspall Cyder and Marmite. Amber glass has some unique advantages that make it the perfect choice for many products.

One of the most significant advantages of amber glass is its high recycled content, which makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging option. The dark brown colour of amber glass means more recycled cullet, or waste glass, can replace raw materials during the melting process. Beatson Clark uses an average of 56% post-consumer recycled material to make its amber glass containers.

Another advantage of amber glass is that it offers exceptional UV protection, blocking out over 90% of harmful rays from the sunlight. This is particularly important for pharmaceuticals as many medications can lose their effectiveness when exposed to light. UV protection is also crucial for products like beer and kombucha that can be affected by light strike, and for products that are susceptible to oxidisation such as matcha. Amber glass helps to extend the shelf life of these products and ensures the quality of the product remains unchanged.

Thanks to the inert nature of glass, it does not react with the products it stores, unlike plastics which can leach chemicals into the contents. This is crucial for storing chemicals and pharmaceuticals for example, as it prevents contamination and preserves the integrity of the products. This is also why it’s generally not recommended to store cleaning products near food, as chemicals can migrate between different plastic containers. Again, this advantage of amber glass is just as important in the beverage industry as it preserves the quality and taste of the product, allowing it to say fresher for longer, with no need for a plastic or resin liner.

Aside from the scientific advantages, amber glass is sometimes chosen for aesthetic and marketing reasons too. Dark amber glass can convey a sense of luxury, making the product feel more premium, and this is particularly appreciated in the spirit and cosmetics industries. Amber glass can also provide a better finish for certain food products as there is no unsightly product residue above the fill line.

Overall, amber glass has many benefits including UV protection, extending the shelf life of products and preventing chemical leaching, not to mention its sustainable and environmentally friendly nature. The protective qualities of amber glass and its ability to enhance shelf life and product quality makes it a perfect choice for medicines, cosmetics, beer, kombucha and more.

If you’d like to find out more about why amber glass packaging might be the best option for your product then please contact the team at Beatson Clark. Several of our general sale products are available from stock in amber and can be further enhanced with the addition of embossing from as little as 150k units!

Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass Applications and Advantages of Amber Glass